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Mon, 15 Jul 2013

My annual animosity toward ATO for their failure to provide open eTax - 21:31
I wonder if I should try installing etax on wine and see if I can do my tax return that way, or just fill it out on paper in my annual protest to the ATO (going on the assumption it must cost ATO more to process paper based tax returns than eTax based tax returns) that they still make people buy a broken non-free operating system of some description if they wish to fill in their tax return electronically. If I were not so concerned at the environmental waste of the idea and of the Australian government giving even more money to a US company for no good reason (Microsoft), I would have thought about buying a computer with windows installed for using it once a year simply to do tax, then claim the entire cost against tax. I hope by next year ATO may have caught up with the ABS (The Australian Census is completed online) in allowing someone with an open source web browser such as Firefox to do their tax on any platform.</rant>

I was happy to see some more information has been released, thanks to Andrew Donnellan about the underlying activity behind this lack of support.

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