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Tue, 26 Oct 2004

24 Hour Race Solo report - 17:04
I finally put my report online of my experience riding in the 24 hour race solo this year. Fun was had. No photos yet, I may add some later.

[/mtb/events] link

Event season is upon us once more. - 11:34
Every year in October/November/December the number of cycling events and other events that are fun to compete in ramps up and I suddenly find every weekend I have to choose which events I want to do.

My schedule for the next 4 weekends in a row is as follows.

  • Sunday 31st October: Fitz Epic
    Every year Pedal Power host the Fitz Challenge and the easier ride options. This year they introduced the new, longer, more difficult, hillier Fitz Epic. 215 KM up all the biggest climbs that can be found on bitumen in the ACT. The time limit they set is 12.5 hours, many of us who have entered doubt we can complete the ride under that limit.
    From Tharwa, Out to the end of the bitumen up Fitz and up from Glendale crossing, back down and then up to the Orroral Valley road. Over Fitz in the reverse direction and up to Honey Suckle creek, which is arguably the toughest climb in the ACT. Back through Tharwa and out to Cotter, back up Pierces creek roll through to the Corin Dam turn off and do that 12 KM climb, on down to the dam, turn around and head back to Tharwa.
  • Saturday 6th November: 2004 Gravity 12 Hour
    I competed in this event last year (good photos, race report) with Sam and Ben, I made the mistake of not consuming enough liquids and suffered pretty bad dehydration. (35 degree heat all day) Upon my return to Canberra I went to the hospital and was finally able to eat food again after having 3 bags of saline pumped into me.
    This year I am competing with Ben and Mikey, I will definitely be drinking as much as I can all day to avoid the same mistake as last year.
  • Sunday 14th November: 2004 Urban Polaris
    I have competed in this event the last two years (2002, 2003) since it moved to Canberra. Like a mini Polaris in the city, not particularly challenging on the navigation front, but a lot of fun no matter what. I hope to compete with Richard Bontjer this year.
  • Sunday 21st November: 2004 Triple Triathlon
    Again I have competed in his event, doing all three bikes legs, the last two years (2002, 2003)). Though there is no technical challenge to the riding I really enjoy the event, getting huge numbers of people out there competing in different disciplines all over Canberra is simply a lot of fun. I just hope it is not as wet/muddy as last year.
There are more events I could do on into December also, though I may feel like taking it a bit easier by then.

[/mtb/events] link

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