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Sat, 02 Apr 2005

DIY lights or frames. - 16:51
Friday week ago I was looking around the web for information on making stickers for bicycle frames and details about painting and paint choices. I stumbled across Suzy Jackson's website, a most useful resource. Suzy lives in Sydney working for CSIRO (ATNF) and went to the effort of learning how and subsequently building herself a steel road bike frame. On those pages she has details about how she did each individual step, and some details of the second frame she built for use in Audax style events.

I rang Mikey to ask him if he had seen her website or if he knew her. Mikey had indeed seen the site, and had hoped to meet up with her at the Alpine Classic this year in order to see the 3 Watt Luxeon light Suzy built for herself.

Though I do not have the time, or I think the inclination to build myself a frame, there would be a lot of learning and time spent to get it right, I am impressed with this effort and the write up of the process is extremely interesting. I do not think I want to go to quite as much effort as Suzy did to create stickers for my mountain bike frame, nor do I wish to paint it myself, however it is great to see people doing all of this themselves. Also I have been thinking of ways to combine a long lasting light for the helmet with a powerful HID light on the bars and I like the look of the light she made, I should talk to Mikey and Pete and see if we can work out a way to put one together, also with the regulator that will allow use of the nightstick rated batteries I have with the light.

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