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Sat, 14 Jan 2006

Must draw Batgirl meme - 23:27
I saw a link to this Batgirl Drawing meme on BoingBoing today. Livejournal has been accruing hundreds of hand drawn variations of Batgirl. Damn I love the Internet, this almost makes me want to attempt to join in a meme I would be pretty hopeless at (I am a fairly hopeless artist). I guess part of the appeal to me is, being such a comics geek, it is cool to see something like this become so popular so fast, there are around 400 drawings linked from there already, with more appearing regularly. Sure I am a huge fan of babs, however the few Cassandra pictures people have done seem to be some of the best. Of course the elseworlds style pictures are often pretty good too.

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Riding a bicycle painted on the road. - 23:19
Riding a bicycle painted on the road
Back around August 14th 2003 I received an image in an email that I thought was somewhat humorous. Today I went to email the image to someone and could not for the life of me find it anywhere, and I was unable to work out when or where it was exactly. Google and Flickr both provided no luck after searching for it for a while. Thus when I did eventually find it I thought, if I put it online it will be easier to find next time. If I Google for riding a bicycle painted on the road or some variation they of I should get my own post about it.

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