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Mon, 03 Apr 2006

Songs in the key of *HAAACKKKCOUGH* - 10:17
I had Thursday and Friday last week off work, not for the normal reason of going to some event or similar, instead for the first time in over a year I was sick enough that I had to stay home in bed trying to recover. After the race the previous weekend I was sore all day Monday and then sometime Tuesday started feeling really sick, thus I have not done any exercise since the 24 hour adventure race over a week ago now. As you may imagine I am beginning to climb the walls (figuratively, as I am not a good rock climber at the best of times, and am still sick anyway)

Back at work today as at most I am coughing a bit and not feeling 100%, however it is a lot better than late last week. I did however have to miss out on competing in the N-ZO 24 Hour race in Sydney due to having this cold, which is a shame as I have been keen to compete in that race since it's inception, however the past two years I was too busy on the weekend of the race to contemplate going up. Yesterday the activities I engaged in due to feeling a bit better were, washing my hard tail and road bike. Cleaning the road bike drive train and adjusting the gearing a bit. Built myself a new rim brake back wheel from parts in the shed to be used with the single speed once I get the rest of the parts for it. Baked 24 fruity muffins (recipe in LaTeX or pdf), these are the apple, sultana, pineapple and apricot with whole meal flour muffins I have baked on and off for a few years now, healthy and yummy. I also repaired some things on a new house mate's bicycle for her.

With that level of activity at home yesterday I should survive today alright, including dinner tonight at Debacle with my AROC 24 Hour team, we won three $25 gift vouchers for Debacle at the race so we decided to have a team dinner there to celebrate the fun we had at the race.

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