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Wed, 10 May 2006

Keep em home and in the kitchen says Johnny - 22:36
The items in the newspapers today pointing out what a disappointment the budget is for parents with young kids are I think quite correct. After Costello had been claiming for a while he would be providing a big up for Mothers and such there really is no good news. Sure the suspicion that this would all be bollocks (Costello's big talking) has been leaking through the papers for the last month or so, but it is still kind of bad.

I think it does indeed hark back to the fact the current Liberal government appears to be well and truly in the 1950s in their own heads. Or at least they wish they were, what is this sacrilege of mothers in the workforce? Gasp, get them back in the kitchens where they belong or some other such crap. The price of childcare, especially for young (under 3) kids is scary (around AUD $70 or $80 a day), however the other huge problem is how rare/scarce places are.

I have a number of friends who have given birth fairly recently (Rebecca and Ben a week and a half ago, Naomi and James 3 weeks ago, Amy and Daniel a few months ago, Sam and Ben January 2005, though this was their second child) and all of them have had large problems with getting on waiting lists or the cost of childcare if they even happen to get a place.

I do not know how much can really be done, or expected, after all it seems in this modern world we almost have to expect health and education to be severely underfunded to the point our nation suffers (smarter nations are more profitable nations) and making it hard to utilise half of the skills of the population who decide to reproduce really does seem to follow the same pattern.

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Bringing us new and more violent Teddy Bear picnics - 18:24
Who needs the right to arm bears when you are armed with these.

How did he die? Shot in the chest with Winnie the Pooh sir!

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