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Fri, 29 Dec 2006

Wee Jasper on the road bikes - 11:27
In preparation for the Alpine Classic (to ensure it is comfortable to complete rather than painful) a bunch of us went for a "lovely"? long road ride from Canberra to Wee Jasper and back yesterday. Crash's recollection suggested it was fairly flat and around 70 KM each way, I guess this is almost accurate as there are no individual long sustained climbs, and it is about 74 KM each way from the start point at Deeks Drive. However if you take into account the extra 14 KM each way to and from home and the fact that added up there were 2300 metres of altitude gain during the ride the claim of it being flat and sort of easy becomes more dubious.

What the ride definitely showed me is I really need to do a lot of work in the next month to ensure I am ready to have a comfortable Alpine Classic, I do not have enough long road KM in my legs currently to do something like that without pain and extreme effort. The ride yesterday was however a lot of fun even though it was tough. We left at 9am (leaving home at 8:30am) and got back to Deeks around 5:30pm, at which point Ron had called his wife Annie for a pick up to avoid the last 15 KM home so I also got a lift home with them to leave the ride distance at around 160 KM for Ron and I.

Riders on the day were Simon, Crash, DeathMarch, Darryl, Ron, and I. Simon was as always very strong, Darryl appeared to be getting stronger as the day wore on also and DeathMarch did an astounding job of it considering he has only been riding again for a week now and has been mostly not riding for the last year. The hamburgers at Wee Jasper were indeed some of the best I can imagine ever tasting, as we told a local, we heard they were good so rode from Canberra for a hamburger. There were a few more sections of dirt road than I had thought, one I knew for sure was on Fairlight Rd before we hit Mountain Creek Road, then another I had forgotten on Mountain Creek road not long after we turned on to it. Then about 5 KM of dirt on the way down to Wee Jasper just before the fun final descent down to the township, apparently this used to be about 10 KM so it had improved already. As we were on road bikes with 23c tyres the dirt was somewhat tough at times, there were 4 or 5 punctures in the group (fortunately I did not get any) and the stutter bumps on the first section of dirt were rather pronounced and harsh.

The ride is highly recommended though, a lot of fun was had, it is a little unfortunate I forgot to tell Tony or Hugh about it, however they may have found it fairly tough.

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Unexploded softdrink - 11:22
When I got home from a 160 KM road ride yesterday I put a bottle 1.25 L bottle of flavoured mineral water in the freezer to cool off while I drank a bottle already cold from the fridge. I subsequently forgot it was in the freezer until this morning. Just now I had a look to find it was in the freezer, solid, but unexploded, neato, the amount of soft drink, for whatever reason, did not cause the bottle to explode when it froze solid. Just goes to show absent mindedness is not always as bad as it could be.

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