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Thu, 05 Apr 2007

Strange analogy at lunch - 16:42
While having lunch earlier I overheard someone who almost sounds like a born whiner complain about a form that need to be filled out at the uni for something, his complaint was accompanied by a rather strange analogy.

I say he sounds like a born whiner as I later heard him wining about his phone saying it is the worst he has ever had, and than whining about something else. Anyway the initial loud complaint was about the fact you have to fill in and sign a form claiming competency to ride a bike in order to use one of the university wide departmental bikes.

He was whining that the university was obviously a bureaucratic mess as no other place on earth would make you sign a form claiming self competency in order to ride a bicycle owned by the organisation/company in question. His friends did try to point out from time to time he may be overstating the matter but he ignored them rather successfully in order to continue whining.

Though the self signed competency claim is a little thin, I imagine it gets lawyers off the backs of the uni somehow, I tend to agree with his friends there are places outside the university that would follow a similar practice if they were forward thinking enough to provide bicycles for short trips.

Anyway the analogy this guy came up with was that you need not sign something in this manner in order to use a university car. Why I find this strange is it appears this guy completely forgot the need for a drivers licence that has to be seen before you ever approach the drivers seat of a work car. Gee a drivers licence hey? somewhat more difficult to get than simply signing a form claiming you are capable of driving. (which is a good thing, that it is a little harder to get than that)

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Not A Pretty Girl racing the AROC Urban 12 Hour Adventure Race - 12:25
Bruce, Ben and I had fun out there with the 42 other teams on Saturday racing in the AROC 12 Hour Urban Adventure Race. This year there was no 24 hour option as AROC had held a 24 hour race down the coast on the Australia Day weekend in January.

Our photos and a few words are up in the normal sort of location.

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