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Mon, 02 Jul 2007

Beware of hidden freezers - 17:31
I do not know what it is, but I am getting cold for periods at the moment. Saturday afternoon around 5:30pm I felt I could not get warm. The house was heated (to around 18 Celsius, a temperature in which I am normally wearing t-shirt and shorts in the house (though my house mates are rugged up in trackies)). This Saturday afternoon I was wearing a jumper, tracksuit pants and rolled up in my doona yet was almost shivering.

Today it has just happened again, I am at work, a rather well heated environment, wearing jeans and I have put on my jacket (which I rarely do indoors at work) and am still cold. This is so very strange for me as I normally have no problem with cold conditions. On Saturday I had done an easy 80km road ride and an easy 1 hour paddle. Today I rode around stromlo before work, then at lunch out to Latham and back. Admittedly the ride to Latham and back was a bit chilly, however I have been back at work for a few hours an should not be feeling cold.

On Saturday evening within an hour I was once again warm and comfortable in a t-shirt and tracksuit pants.

It also does not feel as if I am getting sick, no sore throat, lack of energy, unusual tiredness or weakness so I really do not have any idea why I am having cold spells. It must be due to all the freezers hiding out of sight under my desk or something.

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