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Sun, 27 Feb 2005

Maps of Sparrow Hill - 11:07
On Friday I uploaded some maps of the Sparrow Hill single track network from Russ Baker. Unlike the older maps of Majura or the sadly burnt Stromlo and Greenhills, these have contour data, this makes them a bit harder to read if you are used to the old maps, but in the end they will be more useful. I uploaded a low resolution map for viewing, printing and general reference, for those who really want the huge view a hi resolution map.

[/mtb] link

New STI Levers for my road bike - 10:37

Two new 105 sti levers and bits (full size)

Broken right hand sti lever (full size)

Functional Left hand Ultegra lever (full size)

Odd socks^Wlevers (full size)
For the past two years I have had difficulty with the shifting on the right hand sti lever on my road bike. This is the lever that moves the back derailleur up and down the 9 sprocket cluster. The problem has been that the inside lever used for downshifts has not worked independently, I have had to hold the outside lever still with my fingers while I downshift with the inside lever.

Shimano STI levers often fail in this manner, usually it is the back shift lever that goes, probably due to much heavier use than the other lever (and I suspect, more complexity in the lever). However STI levers cost a lot, a pair Ultegra STI levers as I had on the bike retail for ~ AUD $500 for a pair, or if imported around US $200 for the pair. This is somewhat steep, especially if you consider a Campagnolo Centaur groupset (with all but hubs) can be purchased for AUD $900, which is effectively equivalent to Shimano Ultegra, full Ultegra can be purchased for around AUD $1100.

With the high price of replacing levers, because I was still able to shift gears I simply got used to the change and continued using them. Last Wednesday the right hand lever finally stopped working and a few minutes later popped apart with springs and nuts and little bits of lever going everywhere over the road. I was finally forced to buy some new levers. I am thinking of getting a Centaur groupset on my Lemond frame when I get it back, so I decided not to spend the money on Ultegra, I got Shimano 105 sti levers, this is the next groupset down the range from Shimano. The pair of levers still cost AUD $430 which is kind of ridiculous.

I only bothered putting one lever on the bike for now, the Ultegra lever on the left hand side still works fine. I noticed when using the 105 lever they really, noticeably feel cheaper than the Ultegra levers, the click feels a bit plasticy or wishy washy, not such a positive feel, I also notice the lever has a lot of plastic in the assembly, most places where the Ultegra lever is made from aluminum this is plastic. Now it is time to ride the road bike, and look forward to two minute noodles and toast for meals for the next fortnight <g>.

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