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Sat, 20 May 2006

DPL photo avoidance privilege? - 18:59
So on p.d.n today someone linked to the Debconf6 attendees photo, now I may be half blind and have missed it, but as far as I can see AJ is not in the photo. How did he get out of it? As DPL does he have some special photo avoidance privilege for a year (I see some previous DPLs in the photo) or something. Heck even the stuffed toy DPL AJ linked to that he may be using when too busy to represent Debian in person from time to time is not in evidence in the big photo...

The big photo is obviously taken from the air, I wonder if they used the Cabal's s3kr1t black helicopter to take the photo?

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Perceptions coloured by what we see and our preconceived notions - 17:47
So for a number of years now I have discounted the artist Pink as some music industry produced typically crap pop artist (maybe not as bad as Britney or Christina, but of a similar vein). I had done this simply because glancing at the occasional video clip of hers I had seen, she was a blonde, polished looking glitzy sort of current music artist.

I never really thought more of it until I read Danah Boyd's take on Pink back in April. With someone like Danah suggesting her lyrics were: smart, hard hitting, sensible, and "incredibly beautiful"; I thought it may be worth more thought than I had expended so far. I bought the new album last night and have been listening to it on repeat since getting home from the road ride this morning.

Danah was right, there are some absolutely amazing lyrics here, good sound on the whole with a lot of the music and I just saw the video clip for "Stupid Girls" on the Pink website and it really is a fantastic piss take of the typically crap produced pop artists I had previously passed Pink off as one of. Almost as much fun as the Cruel Sea Boy Band piss take (I can not remember the song title so can not link to it, anyone remember it?)

The wikipedia entry on Pink may give a hint on why she was so easy to pass off as produced crap, with the claim that she gave up a lot of creative control on her first album and other early work, which though popular she disliked what was happening at the time with her music.

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