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Wed, 03 Aug 2005

The evil that is the Rav 4 - 16:43
The Toyota Rav 4 is evil, ever since they appeared on the market my sister and I have done a mock rocket launcher aiming/shooting thing whenever we see them on the roads or parked or wherever. One of the most evil, annoying, wrong headed and plain out should not exist cars that do unfortunately exist.

I saw one on Tuesday morning with a little children's mobile and a child car seat, I am sure it steals babies, luring them in with the mobile, locking them into the seat and stealing them away. There you have it Toyota Rav4's steal children, irrefutable proof.

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Time trialing into the sunrise. - 15:30
This morning I awoke to my alarm at 5:30am, grabbed my phone (my alarm) and rolled over and went back to sleep. Oops. Needless to say I missed the start of the ride at 06:00am at Dickson. I woke up with a start once more at 06:08am and decided to go do a different ride. On the bike by 06:24am I headed out the federal highway to ride a return trip via the Sutton road overpass.

This was the first morning in about two weeks I have not felt sick with a cold while out riding, so I was happy to be able to put a bit of effort in to the ride. I was planning to meet up with the others for coffee at Dickson around 07:30 so did not have heaps of time (so doing a climb of Mt Majura or similar on the way back in was not an option today).

On the ride I stayed in the drops, low and pushing the pace for about 80% of the ride, the rest, generally when climbing, still at a good pace I was on the hoods. For example the climb up to the first hill top as the highway leaves Canberra I was on the hoods or out of the saddle pushing a bigger gear. As I topped this climb I saw a wondrous pink sunrise with pink fog sitting below the clouds in the distance. If only I had my camera with me I could show you all what you missed out on by not being out there this morning at 06:45am.

I got to the cafe at Dickson with an average speed of 31.1, riding time around 1h5 minutes, on the whole it was a bit slower than I would like, however I did take it easy toward the end, and it is the middle of winter and my form is down, in summer I should have been able to get the average around 33 or 34 KMh. Of course I should do this sort of thing more often (moderately hard to hard effort by myself so I can keep the pace pegged), if I do maybe I can improve on summer expectations.

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