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Sun, 14 Aug 2005

Where did they hide Arnold? - 20:16
While driving up to Sydney on Saturday, I got to wondering, how is it that I know no one named Arnold? I knew an Arnold a few years ago but as far as I know that is the only example of an Arnold I have ever met. I asked my sister about it when I got to Sydney, she claimed she knows an Arnold, he is Austrian and lives there.

I got to thinking maybe all the Arnold's are hiding, so went looking for Arnold. I looked under the rug and didn't find Arnold. I rang Moe's and asked for Amanda Huggenkiss but Arnold didn't answer the phone. From this extensive search I believe I can conclude that Arnold is indeed hiding. As Jane said she knows one in Austria I suspect they are all hiding there. Like Bruce hiding out in Australian Academia, I may find Arnold if I ring the Governor of California's office and ask for Arnold (and he is Austrian too, spooky) though they may simply lock me up for that.

Of course another blow came when someone pointed out to me that Arnold J Rimmer is a hologram so can not be used as conclusive proof that Arnold is not hiding in Austria but is instead travelling through space with a mutant cat an android and a bloke named Charles Lister.

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