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Sat, 27 Aug 2005

It's a Blorthday and I will write crap if I want to! - 18:50
Well actually yesterday was arguably the first anniversary of this online diary, however the post I made on August 26th last year sucked and was somewhat short and insignificant. It was not until Friday August 27th 2004 I posted anything of any interest to anyone (hell I am not sure if I have posted anything of any interest to anyone in the last year as it is, ahh well)

Thus for the heck of it, to encourage the view that blogs are inaccurate and dates may be picked at random and because I did not remember to check the date of my first ever post until today (I knew the Blorthday was coming up I just had not checked which date it was exactly). As for the term Blorthday, well what else could I call it Blogthday? Diaversary? Trevor?, though alas the use of Blo encourages the Blog connotation and I still have not come to like the word Blog much.

Some stats

[18:56:47] 28 oneiros sjh ~/diary/data>find -name '*.text' | wc -l
[18:58:37] 29 oneiros sjh ~/diary/data>wc `find -name '*.text'`
12875  96471 620439 total

Including this post (so far) that is 337 posts, 96,471 words. Whoda thunk I could rattle on about crap that much, though this is still not a real blog, I have yet to post photos of my cat, possibly made more difficult by not owning a cat, maybe I had better wander into the RSPCA and ask if I could take a photograph of a cat which I could use to provide some authenticity to this diary. Who cares if they think I am a loony, I am sure it must be done, all in the name of blog truth.

Today I hopped on the road bike at 7:50am and headed out for a 100 KM ride with the Bilbys (Tharwa, Cotter), got home at 12:40pm and hopped in the car a 1:10pm to head out to pack up the course from the 8 hour race at Sparrow Hill and then head out to the Kowen XC course to lay out the course for the Bilbys off road duathlon tomorrow, I got back home around 6pm, time now for some food I think. (this was all to attempt to provide some blogthenticity of boring shit no one cares about, which in the absence of cat photos may be the best I can do to be like every other blog on the planet).

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