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Mon, 08 Aug 2005

Hurty from the weekend - 15:15

Metrogaine map (full size)

Started out with the Bilbys road ride, which today included the Annual Bilbys Hill Climb race, like most other Bilbys events the winner was chosen based on guessing your time and the person closest to their guess wins, watches and bike computers are confiscated and given back to you a the end of the race.

Results should shortly be online, I was 31 seconds slower than my guess of 15:00, much of this slow time can probably be accounted for due to my recovering from the cold that had me mostly off the bike for two weeks prior to this, and my low form currently anyway. The race from the base of the Mt Macdonald climb over the hill and on to the Uriarra Road T-junction is a good distance for something like this.

Gary Rolfe was one second faster than his predicted time and Billy Griffiths one second slower so they took home the trophy between them (the Baldwin-Rolfe Hill climb trophy, named after two of our life members Gary Rolfe and David Baldwin). After the race we finished off the road ride, the long group I went with heading to Condor Creek then back via Uriarra for coffee at Dobinsons.

After about 1 hour at home I hopped in the car with the Duallie and headed out to Sparrow Hill to do a lap of the course I have planned out for use in the 8 hour race there in two weeks, the distance is still a bit long so I have to lop about 1 or 1.5 KM off the loop before I finalise the course, anyway 95 KM on the road in the morning followed by 18 KM on the mtb in the afternoon. All of this cycling was quite enjoyable, it sort of kick started my body back into exercise after two weeks of not much, and I did not hurt at all after that effort (my body is somewhat used to cycling)


The level of hurt was however bound to change today, I had entered the ACTRA 2005 Metrogaine with Ben Crabb (Ben is quite a capable runner). The course we covered is marked in blue on the map I have photographed to the left. According to the Google Maps Pedometer the distance we covered is approximately 31.6 KM. As I have had a cold for around 2.5 weeks prior to this I had not actually gone for a run for 3 weeks. Now I am recovered from the cold I can get back in to my running, though not today, today my entire body aches all over and just walking around the place hurts. On the no pain no gain idea I must have gained a lot of something yesterday.

I did however have a fun day out, Ben and I only had one occasion where we messed up navigation (the little squiggle around on O'Connor Ridge) and lost about 5 minutes. We completed far more than we expected we would be able to and are both happy with how the day went. According to the results we scored 1030 points and ended up in 22nd overall. Of course no where near Dave and Adrian's team, over all winners on 1740. (Dave and Julie both ran a 60 KM Ultra Marathon Saturday a week before too)

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Fresh Roasted Coffee - 14:45

Dried bean soup ingredients (full size)
When reading about coffee and what helps ensure good quality coffee, the most often repeated suggestion is to get your coffee as fresh as possible after roasting. (Along with getting Arabica beans). Thus when Crash and Mel mentioned a coffee retailer in Mitchell that sells coffee they roast on the premises I decided I had better try it out.

The shop is "The Fresh Roast Coffee House" in Mitchell, they sell Jindebah coffee. I rode out to Mitchell on Friday morning and purchased two 250g packs of beans. An 100% Australian Coffee, "Premium Dark Roast" and a pack of "Indian Monsooned Malabar" a Strong variety. So far I have ground and sampled some of the Australian coffee, very nice stuff, prepared with a single cup drip filter.

On the subject of coffee maybe I should see if Mum and Norm feel like selling their manual coffee machine, they do not appear to use it (Mum does not drink coffee, and Norm if he drinks any seems to drink Moconna instant) and a coffee machine with a 15 bar pressure capability would be a same to let go unused.

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