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Thu, 11 Aug 2005

Snow at the pines - 20:38

At the northern end (full size)

Near the exit of the pines (full size)
As Crash and a few others have mentioned, the snow that fell yesterday in inner city Canberra was a somewhat rare occurrence. After Crash had the fun of riding in the snow, I got a bit of that experience this morning also. There was still a fair amount of the stuff on the ground at Majura Pines and in th vineyard and surrounding areas this morning. Ron Brent had his camera phone with him this morning so took a few photos, two of which I have uploaded here.

It is almost a shame I will not be in Canberra this weekend, last year Crash, Jaymz and I headed out to the brindies for a ride up Warks Rd to Bulls Head with the last few KM in the snow, that was a heap of fun and it would be a good weekend to do that now too. Ahh well.

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I let myself in with this chainsaw - 09:10
I was rereading the Liberty Meadows "Big Book of Love" last night at home. A reprint of most of the 1997 run of Liberty Meadows strips. One strip had Leslie in Frank's room going on about being sick with some other random disease. The end of the strip Frank asks Leslie how he got in. Leslie answers "I let myself in with this chainsaw" and he is pictured holding one. So sure the context may just confuse the issue, and maybe you had to be there, but I cracked up big time. I think that would be a great title for a blog "I let myself in with this chainsaw".

Anyway for anyone who wants some more obvious humour, go have a look at what is on Fafnir's list of things to do.

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